This Gallery will show case image that I have taken over the year. If you are interested in upgrading the paper quality or using different mediums (wood, canvas,metal) please contact me through email at Thank you! Enjoy the images!!
School year 2015-2016 images. Enjoy! You can order a la carte sizes that will be delivered to your address! The print is on high quality photo paper. If you want an image on fine art paper for greater depth of color and quality or want the image on a different medium (canvas, metal, wood, etc), you can email at with your request. I will send you the price list and help you in your order. If you want all images from a gallery, a DVD is available per request via email. Prices vary depending on quantity of images in the gallery. Thank you and have a great summer! Emmaline Routon
Images from the school year 2014-2015 taken by Emmaline Routon. It was a great year!!